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While the number of road accidents has been declining for 10 years, allowing a significant drop in morality on the roads, it is still too common.

The road accident is a road crash that can cause injury or unintentional homicide. The main causes of road accidents are speed, alcohol and narcotics, as well as fatigue.

The role of automobile insurance then appears essential. The law also provides for a special compensation scheme for victims of traffic accidents to facilitate and accelerate this compensation.

Throughout the compensation procedure, it is essential to have a lawyer specialized in road accidents.

Involuntary Homicide – Road Accident
Unintentionally causing death in a road accident (eg clumsiness, breach of a duty of care or safety) is an offense that may result in criminal penalties.

Accidents that unintentionally cause the death of others can lead to a driver up to 5 years imprisonment and 75,000 euros fine.

Caution: A wide range of sanctions
The judge may also decide to impose additional penalties (eg confiscation of the vehicle, prohibition of a professional activity related to the offense). The judge therefore has a range of very different sanctions, depending on the situation.

An accident involving an aggravating circumstance (eg alcohol and drugs, driving without a license, excessive speeding) can result in a penalty of 7 years imprisonment and a fine of € 100,000.

Involuntary Injuries – Road Accident
Unintentionally causing injury in a road accident (eg clumsiness, negligence) is an offense that may result in criminal penalties.

The accident can lead to unintentional injuries with a disability of less than 3 months. In this case, the driver risks 2 years of imprisonment and 30 000 euros fine.

The accident can lead to unintentional injuries with a disability of more than 3 months. In this case, the driver risks 3 years imprisonment and 45 000 euros fine.

Good to know: the number of people injured as a result of a car accident has been decreasing for 10 years.

Procedure – Road Accident
The accident leads to an investigation by the police or an investigating judge if the case requires it.

Good to know: an amicable settlement possible
It is possible to request an amicable settlement between the victim of a road accident and the insurer responsible for compensation. The assistance of a lawyer will then be useful to allow compensation closer to your interests.

For example, a lawyer specializing in accidents will be able to meet the various experts, as well as the medical expert, and will thus make it possible to evaluate the bodily injury suffered by the victim of the accident as close as possible to reality.

Caution: compensation negotiated between insurers is often significantly lower than those obtained with the use of a lawyer.

The judge may decide to prohibit the driving license, and in the most serious cases, the judge may place the driver in custody.

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