construction accident attorney

Building a house, renovating it or building new premises for your professional activity can often lead to disputes with the contractor, the architect, the suppliers or the neighborhood. Behind these cases, it is generally a question of large sums of money.

If you encounter this type of litigation, construction law being particularly complex and the time of action or guarantee being sometimes very short, opt for the assistance of a lawyer experienced in this field.

Construction law
In the field of construction law, national legislation is complex and case law is constantly evolving. This branch of law groups regulations into three categories of liability for each party who has signed a construction contract:

Common law contractual liability involving for example the contractor or architect to respect the contract (quality, deadlines, prices etc.) and standards. It is also intended for suppliers to deliver the necessary materials and comply with regulations.

The responsibility of the builders (guarantee of perfect completion, biennial guarantee of good functioning and decennial guarantee)

Extra-contractual liability that may affect you in case of accidents or disorders occurring during construction and affecting third parties.
Thus, any dispute pertaining to this specific right requires the use of a competent and experienced lawyer, like Stéphane ROBILLIART.

The cases in which the cabinet ROBILLIART can represent you are multiple:

Drafting or auditing a construction contract or sale of real estate,
The lifting of the reserves and the implementation of the guarantees of the manufacturers,
Legal proceedings to obtain the execution of the works, to note the abandonment of building site, to interrupt the prescriptions and more generally on the occasion of the occurrence of all the disorders of construction,
Participation in judicial or insurance expertise and negotiations for various disputes with the architect, the contractor and its subcontractors, suppliers, the owner or the neighborhood

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