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Do you have difficulties in a work accident or occupational disease file?

Have you just been informed that the employer’s expert refuses to recognize your work accident or your occupational disease?

You have just received a decision from CNESST that is not favorable to you?

Whether as a worker or as an employer, you will receive advice that meets your needs

Experienced in the field, we know how to solve your problems. Every effort is made to meet your needs.

As a public body, the CNESST must compensate all workers who have suffered an employment injury.

An occupational injury includes, among other things, physical and mental injuries, as well as occupational diseases, relapses, recurrences or aggravation.

Entitlement to benefits:

The compensation for employment injuries includes the provision of medical care necessary for the treatment and consolidation of the employment injury, a worker entitled to all the benefits provided for in the Act and the Regulations in consideration of his condition in the form of a replacement indemnity. income or compensation for bodily injury.

These benefit entitlements must be claimed as soon as the need arises and we must not be satisfied with a negative verbal response from an agent or a member of the CNESST. All decisions regarding your entitlement to benefits must be motivated in writing.

In fact, all too often, information workers or agents pass on erroneous information to people who are affected by the decision of a public body.

Freedom of choice:

The worker has the choice of his doctor.

Possibilities offered:

The Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases allows the worker to return to work, allowing him to return to his usual job or an equivalent job and, if this is not possible, a specific job that is suitable for him.

Regardless of fault of worker or employer

The Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases has a social peculiarity and the compensation system is applied, it does not matter whether a fault can be attributed to the employer or the worker.

Manual :

It is important to remember that the worker must inform his employer as soon as possible of any accident at work or occupational illness resulting from the provision of work.

Medical consultation and deadlines to respect:
A worker who suffers a work-related injury that causes him to be absent for more than one day from work must meet with a doctor in order to obtain a medical certificate, which must be presented to his employer. employer

In the event that the worker must be absent from work for a period of more than 14 days because of an accident at work or an occupational disease, the latter must complete the claim form provided for this purpose. This form must be sent within six (6) months of the date of the employment injury or the date on which the worker becomes aware of an occupational disease or of the date worker’s death following an accident at work or an occupational disease.

Note that under certain conditions, it will be possible to request an extension of the deadline for transmission for just and reasonable reasons justifying not having been able to act within the prescribed time.

The free choice of the attending physician is very important, and of course the subsequent medical follow-up.

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