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Newly recruited in a company, you must sign your employment contract but you have difficulty to grasp certain points. You are currently experiencing problems in the company in which you work.

You are an employer and you want to make one or more redundancies, conclude a negotiation or a transaction, respond to a wage or union claim or make some changes in the internal workings of your company. Maître Stéphane ROBILLIART advises and assists you in the legal procedures to be followed in relation to labor law.

Labor law includes all the laws governing relations (rights and duties) between an employer and all of its employees as well as their representative institutions throughout the contractual relationship and sometimes even afterwards.

Behind this definition lie important human and financial issues.
Labor law is complex, technical and evolving.

Labor law cases are handled by the Labor Court, the Social Security Court and sometimes the Court of First Instance. The ROBILLIART law firm can represent you, on request or in defense before each of these jurisdictions.

Litigation in the area of ​​labor law is the privileged field of negotiation and the transaction and Maître Stéphane ROBILLIART often lends his support to talks to reach an amicable issue.

This is so in terms of:

Drafting of a contract of employment or an amendment in accordance with the laws and collective agreements in force,
Negotiating a collective agreement,
Management of an individual or collective wage claim,
Conventional termination of the employment contract.

In the event of failure of the negotiations, Mr. ROBILLIART assists you before the courts seized in order to support your claims, to fight the claims of your opponent, to obtain the respect of your rights and the compensation of the damages suffered in the event of disciplinary sanctions, of rupture abuse of your contract or in case of harassment and discrimination.

Mr. ROBILLIART also intervenes, both in demand and defense, in the field of industrial accidents and for the problems of reclassification of employees due to incapacity.

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