Can I Get A Dental Insurance That Covers Implants?

This is probably a question that most of the people are asking. Most of the dental policies
don’t cover dental implants. Most dental insurance plans don’t cover implants. This is
because it is still considered as a cosmetic surgery. So, what are implants?

Dental Implants
Suppose you have lost a tooth. Your dentist tried the best but had to remove it at last. If it is
one of the teeth in the front, you are going to have a hole in your smile. Nobody wants that.
You have cheaper options like dentures, but nothing close to natural like dental implants.

These are teeth made of ceramic material and attached to your gums just like your teeth. They
feel natural and you can eat everything with these teeth. They look very natural too. You can
hardly tell the difference between the natural and the artificial.

Of course, they are expensive. Which is why the normal dental insurance policies don’t cover

Indemnity Dental Insurance
There are no ordinary insurance policies that cover dental implants. The plain and simple
reason is that it is very expensive. We need to find out if there is a dental insurance plan that
will cover the cost of dental implants.

The plan that can help you is the indemnity dental insurance. This plan is the type of fee-for-
service plan. These will be available with insurance brokers. You can get your implants done
and the insurance company will reimburse the amount. Normally the amount reimbursed will
be around 50-80% of the cost of implants. They will also pay fully for the preventative care.

One great advantage of this plan is that you can take the service of any dentist. There is no
restriction that you should visit only the approved dentist or the network dentist. Another
benefit is that these insurance policies have a higher cap than your normal dental insurance
policies. You can try to get something that will pay you closer to what your dental bill will

One thing you need to be careful is that these policies have a clause which says they will pay
a percentage of “reasonable and customary” dental costs. You need to find out exactly what
these terms mean. You could take the help of your dentist to get a detailed breakdown of the
expenses that you will incur for a dental implant and then compare that with the list of the
insurance company and find what all fall under this category.

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