Commitments Of An Auto Accident Lawyer

When it comes to an accident where you were seriously hurt, and you are not at fault, it will
take an auto accident lawyer to get you the best compensation. They know how to deal with
the insurance company and the other lawyer. They also can understand the legal and medical
jargon better than you.

There are certain things your lawyer commits to doing when you hire him as your lawyer.

Duties Of An Auto Accident Lawyer
There are certain things that a lawyer promised to do. These are part of his duties to you as
your lawyer.

The first promise is to avoid conflict of interest. Which means that your lawyer or his firm
cannot appear on behalf of any of the parties in an accident case that are on your opposite
side. Which means he cannot appear for the erring driver or the insurance company.

He promises to keep all the information you share regarding this case totally confidential. He
will never reveal this information to anyone. This means you can discuss with your lawyer
everything without fear of information reaching your opposite party.

This is very important. A lawyer is bound to represent you adequately. This means that when
he takes up your case, he should be well qualified and experienced to handle your case. If he
feels that he is not capable of handling this case, he is duty-bound to tell you this and relieve
himself from appearing for you.

When the lawyer takes up your case he promised to do everything possible to win the case.
He agrees to represent your case with all his capabilities. He also promises to keep you
updated on the status of the law. He is supposed to give you correct advises and never prompt
you to do anything illegal or immoral.

Other things that a lawyer is bound to do is to offer you free first consultation and work on a
contingency fee basis. He is also expected to do all the communication on your behalf with
all parties concerned. He will communicate with the other parties and the insurance
companies for the exchange of information or for trying an out of court settlement.

He has the responsibility to investigate completely into the case and find every evidence
possible to support your side. He has to negotiate with all efforts to get the best possible
compensation for you.

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