Considerations to Make and Tips to Follow When Dismissing Your Accident Attorney

A lawyer is very important in any matter that should drive you to go to court. After an accident, the injuries may actually be serious but the insurance company may actually be reluctant to releasing the funds and may decide to stage a court battle. When you hire an attorney it is very important you note that you can also fire/dismiss him/her due to various reasons. Court battles are not very pleasant when you don’t have a supportive lawyer by your side so it is your right to choose
a favorable lawyer for your situation.

Why Fire Your Lawyer?
It may not be a simple matter firing a lawyer with the knowledge of to fight the dismissal. However, there are some situations whereby you can dismiss your personal injury attorney without question.

The first situation applies whereby your confidence on the lawyer’s ability goes down. Losing a court battle may also cause you to drop your current lawyer and look for a more professional one.

Court battles are very costly and you can actually dismiss your lawyer because of high fees he/she is charging. The other two situations occur when your decisions don’t concur with those of the lawyer and when the attorney does not take your case with the seriousness it deserves.

What Consideration to Make When Firing an Accident Attorney Dismissing a lawyer should not just be a rash decision which you make after waking up in the morning. There are some things which you should take into consideration because the lawyer is also human.

Hire a Second Accident Attorney
If the dismissal of your lawyer is based on losing a case then before dismissing the lawyer make sure you look for a new attorney because this will not only give you a higher chance of winning but will also be an assurance that you have someone on your side if the other lawyer decided to go to court.

Consider Letter Writing
Don’t just wake up in the morning and fire your attorney. Take time and write a thorough letter which should state categorically why you are dismissing the lawyer.
Make Sure the Court Is Notified This applies if your case is still pending in court. Any change of lawyers should always be reported to the court jury to make sure no contradictions occur.

Finish Your Payments
If you don’t want labor case files on your then make sure any payment balances of the lawyer are paid. This creates a good rapport and at the same time makes sure your separation is peaceful

No one likes getting dismissed and when you have a lawyer to fight for you in a case then dismissing should not be a thing to cause hatred between the two parties. It is emotional losing a case but a peaceful understanding should occur between you and your accident attorney. After all at least he/she fought for you in court.

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