Do You Need Slip And Fall Lawyers?

As per recent estimates, there are about 25,000 slip or trip and fall accidents that occur in
various premises around the country every day. People slip or trip and fall which causes
injury to them. Despite strict laws on maintenance of premises, there is negligence in
maintaining the area safe for people who visit. These falls cause injuries, sometimes very
serious ones, which may require being treated by doctors for prolonged periods and involves
a great amount of money.

Why Do I Need Slip And Fall Lawyers?
These accidents don’t happen because of the fault of the person who falls down. They happen
mostly due to poor maintenance of the area. They happen due to negligence on the part of the
owner of the premises and not having the safety measures as required by the law.

Building owners are supposed to follow the OSHO standards and requirements for preventing
accident especially near ladders, doorways and uneven surfaces. Because of this or poor
signage, people fall and hurt themselves or sometimes even die. If they or their family require
getting rightly compensated for the mishap, they need to hire slip and fall lawyers.

Is It Really Necessary To Sue?
People often say that slipping or tripping and falling is a very common occurrence, so what is
the need for a lawyer? But one should understand that building owners have a responsibility
towards those who visit the place. You should visit a slip and fall lawyer and let them decide
whether there is a case for suing the owner of the place for poor maintenance or negligence.

There are some common things that have to be taken care of. Wet and slippery surfaces
should be shown using clearly visible notices or signages. A pothole or a manhole has to
necessarily have a proper covering over it to prevent people from falling into it. Construction
debris should be disposed of without causing any hindrance to people walking around. All the
doorways and hallways should be properly lit to enable safe passage through them.

A slip and fall lawyer should see whether there was any such kind of negligence on the part
of the owner of the building and decide whether you can get a compensation. They are better
qualified and trained to analyze whether your injury was the cause of not following the laws
regarding maintenance of a premise.

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