Get Your Auto Accident Lawyer

Accidents are a common occurrence on the roads despite having so many safety measures
and the strict implementation of laws. Accidents occur due to various reasons. This could be
due to the fault of the driver. It could happen due to mechanical defaults of the vehicle. It
could also occur due to bad roads. But, whatever be the reason, auto accidents cause injuries
and sometimes death.

Bus Accidents
The bigger the vehicle the more serious the injuries. When the vehicle involved is a large
truck or bus, the damage is more severe. When the vehicle involved is a bus there is a number
of people involved. There are passengers riding the bus and there are those on the road who
get injured in the accident.

While passengers traveling in a bus are eligible for compensation if injured in an accident,
getting the compensation and getting adequate compensation is very difficult. Buses are
mostly run by the state governments. This means that state laws apply to them in accidents.
When state laws are applicable they can play an opposite role in getting you the settlement.
Moreover, state laws have a very short period before which you have to file the case. Many
lawyers themselves will find themselves stuck when it comes to getting a compensation from
the state governments. In such cases, you need an expert accident attorney to handle your

Bicycle Accidents
More and more people are using bicycles to commute to work and back home. It is an easier
more environment-friendly and economical option. People also use this as a way to get their
much-needed physical exercise.

Biking in cities has become easier as dedicated lanes are being constructed in all cities.
Signals are also placed in cycle lanes to ensure more safety. Despite all these safety measures
bikes do get hit by other vehicles. When a bus or car hits a bike, they are badly injured due to
the impact.

But most insurance companies who represent buses and cars try to not allow the
compensation for cycle victims.

In all the above cases an accident attorney can help to get the rightful compensation. They
know the ways to deal with insurance companies. In most cases, the auto accident lawyers are
able to get a compensation without even going to court. Their presence itself makes the
insurance companies be more generous with their settlement amounts.

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