How Can A Slip And Fall Injury Attorney Help Me?

Whether it is a fall at work or in another property if you slip and fall and suffer injuries there
is always the possibility that either the employer or the owner of the property was responsible
for the fall and could be liable to pay you compensation.

As you will be fighting against an establishment, the insurance company and its high-profile
lawyers, it will difficult for you get a fair compensation without legal help. This is where a
slip and fall injury attorney can help you. But before going into the claims, let us see how the
case is settled

What Determines The Outcome Of The Case
There are basically three things that determine the outcome of the case. Firstly, it is to
identify the person who is the cause of the accident. What was the negligence and
contribution of the liable party? The third question is whether injured party was somehow
responsible for the accident.

Negligence Has To Be Proved
It must be proved whether there was a negligence or a failure to remove the reason for the
accident. It should be established whether the liable party was aware of the danger and failed
to remove it. It is the plaintiff who must prove that there was negligence on the part of the
liable party and they had not done anything to remove the danger. The plaintiff must prove
that the defendant had not done anything to prevent such a danger.

Who Is Liable?
If the accident occurred at a property, the owners or the managers of the property are liable to
pay for the damages if they don’t have an insurance. If they have an insurance, then the case
should be filed against the insurance company who is liable to pay for the expenses incurred
by the injured person.

Plaintiff Has To Prove No Fault From Their Side
The injured party has to prove that there was no negligence from their side that caused the
fall. They need to prove that they were not adequately warned. They also have to prove that
they were also taking sufficient care. It should be proved that they were not texting or
otherwise distracted while moving through the portion.

The plaintiff has to also prove that he or she had legal access to that area of the property
where the accident occurred.

The outcome of such a case will depend on above factors. A slip and fall injury attorney can
only study all this and help the plaintiff in such cases.

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