How Can A Work Injury Lawyer Help You?

A work accident can leave you with a lot of problems. There could be a permanent disability
which will prevent you from working anymore. You could have a disability that prevents you
from taking up a work that pays you the same wages. So, you lose out on the kind of life you
used to enjoy. You may have to undergo prolonged treatments that will cost a lot of money
over a long period.

Some workers accept a workers’ compensation to take care of the various expenses
associated with the injury. You can opt for a lumpsum payment instead of weekly payments.
The compensation also will include future medical expenses. The advantage of accepting the
compensation is that you don’t have to go for any long-drawn legal procedure.

The negatives of accepting a settlement are that once you get the lump sum you lose your
right to make any claims down the road. You may require medical treatment later which may
amount to a much larger sum than the settlement. It is also a fact that the insurance company
will try to give you the least possible settlement.

Get A Work Injury Lawyer
In a situation where you have the scope to get more compensation than that is being offered
by the insurance company, you can hire a work injury lawyer to help you. In most cases, a
lawyer is found necessary to get the due amount.

If there is a permanent partial disability that prevents you in some ways from earning the
same amount of wages that you were getting before the accident, you can claim a
compensation. The insurance companies may use methods to make a very nominal payment.

A work injury lawyer will be able to get you a higher amount of compensation.
A permanent total disability is an even more serious case. You will need a lifetime of
monetary support. The calculations that the insurance companies do for this, is highly
complicated. It is a must to get the services of a work injury lawyer.

If the insurance company has not paid you some amount of wage loss benefits, then they are
liable to pay this along with a penalty. This penalty which is worked out as a percentage of
the payment which is due can be a good amount. A work injury lawyer can help you in
getting this due.

Whatever be the case, it is better to consult a work injury lawyer when you are seeking
compensation for work injuries.

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