Listen To Your Accident Attorney

Accidents leave you in a state of shock. Whether you are seriously hurt or only have some
minor bruises, the shock is almost the same. Anything happening unexpected will leave us in
a daze, where we are unable to think clearly. Accidents also leave us in that manner.

This is why accident attorneys say that there are some things which we should never do
immediately after an accident. There are also rules regulating as to what we can do after an
accident. Whatever action we take after an accident is likely to affect the outcome of the legal
case if we are going for one.

Don’t Dos After An Accident
Whether you are at fault or not. Whether you are injured or not. Whenever you are involved
in an accident that is either single or multi-vehicle, stay at the accident site. You are not to
leave the place. Any driver who leaves the site of the accident, whether he is at fault or not, is
considered to be a hit-and- run driver. Hit-and- run is a felony in some states and the penalties
are heavy.

Never fail to collect as many evidence as possible. The best evidence is photos and videos.
They can prove without a doubt who is at fault. So, wherever you can collect such evidence
you should collect them.

Never discuss who is at fault. Whether it is you or some other driver. When you are involved
in an accident and you feel that you are not at fault, you may be in anger or rage and accuse
someone else of the accident. Never do this as this could turn against you. A detailed
investigation may prove something totally different. So, it is better to discuss these things
only with your attorney.

Never refuse to take medical treatment. Even if you feel fine or don’t want to bother about all
this after an accident, you should consult a doctor and take the necessary medical
examination and treatment. This will prove helpful when making a claim for compensation.
A medical record is necessary for making a claim.

Never forget to report to the insurance company. You should report the accident to them.
Your accident attorney can take care of the paperwork.

Getting an accident attorney is a necessity however small the accident might be. They can
help you to get the compensation that you deserve, which might otherwise be denied.

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