Tips By Auto Accident Lawyer On Proving Fault

Proving who is at fault in an auto accident is crucial for determining who pays the
compensation. There are certain methods used to determine the erring driver. Insurance
companies have a special interest in determining who is at fault. It is better to know what all
factors are considered when the person responsible for the crash is decided.

There are mainly three factors that are considered when determining who is at fault.

Police Report
The police report is the first document that is made. This is made by the officer who arrives at
the scene. This incident report will contain the assessment made by the officer about the

This report is very important. It will help to substantiate your account of the incident and help
settle any disagreement over insurance. The police officers report can be checked and if there
is anything wrong with the report, you can give your evidence. If the difference in the
evidence is due to the point of view of the officer, then you should get your view recorded.

State Traffic Laws
These are more stable than a police officers report. They are very clear about traffic rules in
that particular state and tells you what is wrong and what is right. If you meet with the
accident in a different state, it is better to familiarize with the rules of that state.

Types Of Accidents
Some types of accidents themselves are evidence of who is at fault. A rear-end collision is the
fault of the driver who is behind, most of the times. In a T-bone collision, it is easily
recognizable as to who was running the red-light. In many cases, the accidents itself shows us
who was at fault.

Why Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer?
In all the cases the reports and the laws are better familiar to an accident attorney than the
ordinary citizen. The lawyers are good at reading these reports and understanding the
direction of the case.

The primary condition for awarding compensation is to prove that you are not at fault. This
can be done easily by an attorney by reading the various reports. If there is to be any dispute
in this, it can also be easily settled by the attorney.

These factors once again underline the necessity of having an accident attorney, so that you
are not denied your rightful compensation.

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