Truck Accident Attorneys

Trucks such as the 18-wheeled giants probably cause the most accidents on our highways. A
truck accident causes major damage to a car that is involved in a collision with it. These
accidents can cause very serious injuries or even death. The vehicle will also be severely

When another vehicle has a collision with a large truck, it is more likely that the person in the
other vehicles suffers serious injuries and the truck driver almost escapes unhurt. It has been
proved that the number of the people in the other vehicles who are hurt, is four times that of
the truck driver. Being the smaller vehicle a car which collides with a truck will also suffer
more damages.

Reasons For Truck Accidents
Though there are many reasons for truck accidents, they can be classified mainly into three

Truck Driver – Negligence by drivers include driving while sleepy, driving while texting or
talking on the phone, turning without proper signals, driving too fast for the weather or the
road conditions, and driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

The Fleet Owners – They are also a major cause of accidents due to failure to inspect the
vehicles and drivers before the trip. Many times, they don’t maintain the vehicles properly so
that they can make more trips. They urge the drivers to drive faster, drive for longer periods
or drive too many miles. This causes tiredness and hence carelessness in the driver. They
don’t conduct enough backgrounds checks on their drivers to find whether the driver is an
alcoholic or a drug addict. They don’t check the driving history of the driver to find whether
he has had too many accidents before.

Truck Manufacturer – Sometimes defective parts have been the reason for the accident. An
inherent problem in the vehicle with regard to brakes, lights or other parts could cause

How Can An Accident Attorney Help You?
Attorneys can help you in checking the evidence in the beginning stage. They can check the
driver’s logs, the vehicles maintenance records kept in the company and checking the driver's
background. Attorneys will have the resources to check whether the driver has had a history
of accidents.

Attorneys can also have an upper hand when it comes to negotiations with the insurance
companies. You should remember that insurance companies will be trying to settle for the
least possible compensation. With the involvement of accident attorneys, insurance
companies will be more lenient regarding compensation.

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