Why Hire A Birth Injury Attorney?

When a birth injury happens there could be many reasons for it. One of the reasons is medical
negligence. This is a broad term that represents many kinds of deficiency in service by the
doctor, the other medical professionals or the facility where the delivery took place. If there is
a case of medical negligence there is a provision for the parents to get adequate compensation
which will allow them to take care of the child properly.

While there are many things that can be termed as medical negligence, it is mostly unknown
to the parents whether the injury was caused due to medical negligence. A failure to diagnose
and treat infections is a failure by the doctors. If they don’t recognize a high-risk patient and
refer the patient to a specialist, that is also considered as medical negligence. Failure to notice
the position of the fetus and taking corrective action also comes under medical negligence.

How Will The Parents Know?
How will the parents know whether it is a case of medical negligence? Many kinds of birth
injuries like cerebral palsy, brachial plexus palsy, facial paralysis etc. can all be possible due
to a deficiency in service by the medical professional. Parents are not able to read the reports
and understand whether there was any negligence.

A birth injury attorney will be able to understand the various medical terms and know
whether there is a case for filing a lawsuit for compensation.

Hiring A Birth Injury Attorney
Birth injury attorneys know the types of injuries and the possible causes for these. They are
experienced in handling such cases and can understand reports given by the doctor. They can
immediately recognize a case of negligence if there is one.

Birth injury lawyers understand that caring a child with birth injuries can be very expensive
besides being a trauma for the parents. They recognize the need for a lot of money to let the
child have a life as normal as possible. They understand that such a child will need medical
treatment for a long time, if not for the whole of its lifetime.

There may even be cases where the parents may not live long enough to care for the child for
all its lifetime. Enough provisions must be made in such cases. Birth injury attorneys
understand these and can get the maximum compensation possible from the insurance

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