How Can An Accident Attorney Help When Someone Else Is Liable?

There are accident cases when the driver is not responsible for the fault but someone else is
responsible. There can be many cases like that. Suppose a driver was working for a company
when the accident occurred, the company is liable to pay the compensation. If a driver was
employed by someone when he has made the accident, then the employer is responsible.

If a person allows another person to drive his car and the person who is driving is responsible
for the accident, as per the rules of some states, the one who owns the car is responsible to
pay the damages. Even if he wasn’t driving, it is enough that he gave permission for the other
person to drive.

There are different laws that guide the pinning of the liability when it comes to kids driving
the family car. If a parent allows a minor child to drive the car, knowing very well that the
kid is not capable of driving the car properly, then the parent is responsible and liable to pay
the damages in case of an accident.

Some states have a policy called the family purpose doctrine. It says that if a car is purchased
for the use of the whole family, then the owner of the car is responsible for the reckless
driving of any of the family members.

In some states parents who sign a minor child’s license application is responsible for any
accident caused by the minor. In some states, the minor child’s license application must be
signed by the parent. In such cases, if the child causes an accident to happen due to negligent
driving, then the parent is responsible for the accident and paying the damages.

Get A Competent Accident Attorney
Consider that you are a victim of an accident caused by a driver who is not the one
responsible. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to find the one who is responsible and
pin the liability on that person. Unless you can do that, you cannot make any claim for
compensation. It will be difficult for you get the records and find the person who is the owner
of the car.

It is at these times that you require an auto accident lawyer. They have resources to find out
who is the real owner and get him to pay for the expenses and losses.

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