How Does Your Accident Attorney Negotiate A Settlement?

In most accident cases the case doesn’t go to court. It is also wiser to go for a settlement
because a settlement is final. A court case can go either way. The jury can sometimes decide
in a way you never expect them to. For a settlement to happen you should first send a demand

Writing A Demand Letter
You need an experienced accident attorney to send the demand letter. He knows how to make
the claims and justify them adequately. Insurance companies will try their best to reduce the
claim. So, the demand letter should be strong enough to justify all the expenses that you are
claiming. This can be done best by a car accident lawyer. Once the demand letter is sent, the
insurance companies won’t pay immediately.

Have A Figure In Your Mind
When the insurance company receives your letter, they are sure to make a call to make their
offer. Before the call, you should sit with your lawyer and try to arrive at a figure that will be
acceptable to you. This will be lower than the amount you had demanded through the demand
letter. Your lawyer can help here because he knows the normal settlement amounts, through
his experience.

You can have this figure between you and your lawyer. When the adjuster from the insurance
company calls you can keep this as the minimum acceptable amount in your mind. However,
if he indicates there may be some fault on your side also, and if your lawyer agrees with that,
then you can reduce. If the adjuster starts with the amount you have in mind, you can raise
your minimum amount in your mind. Keep a figure in mind.

Don’t Agree Too Fast
You don’t have to jump at the first offer the adjuster makes, even if it is above the figure that
you have in mind. If you feel the offer is reasonable you can reduce a little from your demand
letter amount so that they will also know you are being reasonable.

If the offer is too low, you can ask him to justify the offer. You can make note of the points.
In consultation with your accident attorney, you can reply to the points by way of a letter.

For all these steps before the final settlement, a car accident lawyer can be of help.

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