How Much Can My Slip And Fall Injury Attorney Get me?

A slip and fall could cause a minor injury or an injury that will have repercussions for your
lifetime. What compensation you can get will depend on a few parameters of which your
nature of the injury is one of them. a good slip and fall injury attorney can get you the best
possible compensation.

The primary thing is to establish that somebody’s negligence led to your fall. It must be
proved without a doubt that somebody failed to take necessary action in preventing the fall.
This is the first thing to do.

Most often when the liability has been established these cases will be settled out of court. The
insurance company will try to give you the minimum possible amount as compensation while
your lawyer will fight to get you the maximum.

Factors Affecting The Compensation
What are the things that will be considered when the compensation is calculated? There are
four major aspects that are considered.

1. Medical expenses that you have incurred because of the accident.

2. Wages and other business revenue lost due to the accident because you couldn’t work due
to the injuries.

3. The pain and suffering you endured because of the accident. Both what you have already
suffered and what you will suffer in future will be taken into account.

4. Punitive damages for the negligent act of the erring party.

The first one is already with you as bills. The wages and other losses can also be calculated
easily. The pain and suffering must be calculated in consultation with a medical specialist.
This is why it is necessary to first consult a doctor as soon as you had the fall. This doctor can
correctly tell what you must have suffered and what you will suffer in future.

The last one – punitive damages – is purely the discretion of the court. They can decide to
send a strong message to the erring party and others which will prove as a deterrent for
future. this amount could be much higher than the other compensation amounts if the judge
so decides.

To get the maximum compensation it is essential that you appoint a slip and fall injury
attorney. He can thwart the efforts of the insurance company to pressure you into a
settlement. He will ensure that the case comes to court so that the punitive damages are also
awarded to the maximum possible amount.

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